Rancho Cucamonga High School
 11801 Lark Drive, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701
(909) 989- 1800

Vocal Music and Musical Theatre


Choir Tuxedos:


All men in Preludes Chorus and Chamber


Singers wear these tuxedo ensembles and


a Purple Dress Shirt. (the Purple Dress 

Shirt must be returned at the end of the 




Tuxedo ensemble: $75




In addition men will need dark socks and


black dress shoes for performances. (no 

boots or athletic shoes)

Choir Dresses-


All female members of Chamber Singers,


 Bel Canto Choir, and Preludes Chorus wear


 this choir dress. The dresses tend to


run a little large and they have a sash in


the back that keeps them snug. A simple


 button down black cardigan can be worn


 with the dress.

DRESSES are $65


In addition women will need black dress shoes for performance. 

Preferably black 1"-2.5"character shoes.  These can be purchased online

 or at any dance store. Discount Dance down by the Mills has nice ones

 that are inexpensive and will last!